About Eksper Metal

Eksper Metal is established in Istanbul to work on international steel trading. It’s main activity is to set-up a trustworthy bridge between the iron-steel producers in Far East and it’s customers which are mainly located in Europe, Africa, CIS countries and South America. Thanks to it’s expertise and experience on Coated Flat Steel products and wide supplier portfolio; Eksper Metal aims to provide raw materials for it’s end-user customers’ production with lowest costs and expected quality standards.

The trustworthy relationship that Eksper Metal established with it’s suppliers and customers, makes it a strategic solution partner where the customers apply for sourcing production lines,machines and other steel products in addition to coated flat steel.

Regular visits to the suppliers and customers, quality control activities at the sources and destinations increase expertise of Eksper Metal on the products that it trades. Providing solutions to each possible problem that occurs at any place or time make partners of Eksper Metal feel comfortable and secure as they work with a supplier who always support them with instant responses to each requests.

Eksper Metal provides wide range of products with demanded quality through a global network and it’s ability of determining and carrying out innovations worldwide.

In accordance with it’s open minded and dynamic structure, Eksper Metal will be a global player in it’s field in a near future.