Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is produced by further processing hot rolled steel through cold reduction mills followed by annealing and/or temper rolling to produce steel with closer dimensional tolerances and a wider range of surface finishes.

The steel coils can be annealed to make the steel more formable or further processed on the metallic coating line, with a coating of either zinc (galvanised) or zinc-aluminium (aluzinc) alloy applied. Cold rolled steel is available in a range of grades, each with a range of properties for differing applications.

Cold Rolled Package
Cold Rolled Package

Cold rolled steel sheets offer a variety of outstanding properties, including easy formability and a smooth clean surface. They are used in construction,automobile sector, appliances, furniture, and many other everyday items.

To meet the various end use requirements, cold-rolled sheet products are metallurgically designed to provide specific attributes such as high formability, deep drawability, high strength, high dent resistance, good magnetic properties, enamelability and paintability.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheets
Cold Rolled Steel Sheets
Quality: Commercial and Special Grades according to American (ASTM), Japanese (JIS) and European (EN) Norms
Different Qualities acc to applications: Enamelling Quality, Full Hard Quality, Deep Drawing Quality
Package: Export standard package
Width: 20mm – 1250mm
Thickness: 0.20-3.00 mm
Coil Weight: 1,5 – 9Tons
Inner Diameter: 508mm or 610mm
Surface Treatments: Oiled or Non-Oiled, Bright, Black Annealed
Forms: Coils, Strips, Sheets (cut-to-length)

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