In addition to corrosion resistance, high strength, low weight, aluminium alloy also has luster appearance, good corrosion resistance, high reflectivity of light and heat, sound absorption performance advantages Can be obtained by different methods of handling all kinds of aluminium alloys of different colors, that makes the construction industry became one of aluminium’s major markets.

The Rolling Product

Aluminium is widely used in industrial and civil construction roofing, walls, Windows and doors, frame, exterior and interior decoration, ceiling, suspended ceiling, railing, indoor furniture, store containers and construction templates, and so on.

Polished Aluminium

As for the car, aluminium is not a new material. In order to reduce the weight of the car, designers increasing load and reduce their fuel consumption, increased amount of aluminium in the automobile manufacturing and reduce the amount of steel. In addition, aluminium interior trim, engine cover, metal fittings, aluminium alloy skid plate, have been widely popular. In addition to the family car, truck manufacturing has also been introduced in aluminium alloy, many manufacturers in the doors and other parts using aluminium instead.

Embossed Product

Color Aluminium

Color aluminium, it is to point to to coloring the surface of the aluminium alloy processing, because of aluminium alloy performance is very stable, not easy to corrode, general surface after special treatment can ensure that at least 30 years do not fade, more because of its small density, high hardness, the weight of per unit volume is the lightest metal materials.


ProductSurface TreatmentThickness RangeWidth RangeLength Range
Polished aluminium coils of series 1, series 3 and series 8Polished aluminum0.1-10mm900-1700mm
Polished aluminium coils of series 1, series 3 and series 8Polished aluminium0.125-5mm900-1700mm330-6000mm
Polyester roller-painted aluminium coiled platesPolyester pre-roller-painting0.15-1.5mmMax 1600mmCoils or plates
Fluorocarbon roller-painted aluminium coiled platesPolyester pre-roller-painting8-25μ0.2-1.5mmMax 1601mmCoils or plates
Back-painted aluminium coiled platesPEBack coating 8-10μ0.15-1.5mmMax 1602mmCoils or plates
Wood grain & stone-imitated aluminium coiled platesThree painting + glossy overprint0.2-1.5mmMax 1603mmCoils or plates
Color-painted mirror-surface aluminium coiled platesSingle color roller painting 8-16μ0.18-0.5mmMax 1400mmCoils or plates
Embossed aluminium coiled platesEmbossing treatment0.2-1.2mm350-1300mmCoils or plates
Slitting aluminium coils0.2-3.0mm21-1595mmCoils or plates

Finished Package